Our Founder: Food Allergies & A Vision

Dear Readers,

Hello I’m Kaitlin, the Founder of Accommodine! Thank you for reading this!

I am excited to share my story and background with you.

I am a recent graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University’s business program in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

I have multiple food allergies, which have evolved throughout my life. I managed peanut and tree nut allergies since I was a kid, without any crazy reactions. But at 22 years old, I had my first life-threatening allergic reaction to soy.. This literally changed my life.

Dining out had been my #1 hobby as a young adult, until my soy diagnosis, where I became afraid that food could actually kill me at any point!

Despite all the fear, I have successfully eaten out at over 30 new restaurants and establishments across the GTA and in the United States in the last year alone.

Through my experiences, the hardest part has been the strain my food allergies have put on restaurant staff. I’ve found the vast majority of restaurants to be very collaborative. However, getting the information I need to eat safely isn’t always easy.

I wondered to myself, how could this not be better in 2018?! Don’t we know more about our food? Isn’t there a more efficient way to serve people like myself?

When I received the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on my own technology idea this past summer as part of Next Canada’s “Next 36” program, I decided to focus it on increasing quality of life for people with food allergies, with a specific focus on dining out.

Since the program, I have continued to work on the idea and bring these experiences into my work. My goal is to help people with food allergies dine out with more confidence, and I am excited to bring food allergy awareness to the foodservice industry in the process.

Thank you very much for engaging with my story and the Accommodine website. I hope you will follow our Facebook page and continue reading updates on the website.

Sincerely Yours,

Founder, Accommodine Inc.

Kaitlin Colvin