An Introduction to Accommodine

Thank you for visiting the Accommodine Website! Since our site is brand new, we’ve laid out some general FAQ’s here about the Accommodine project, our mission, and more so that you can get a gist of what we’re doing and why.

First of all, what is Accommodine, you ask? Accommodine is a concept for a mobile app. The goal to increase confidence for consumers with food allergies when dining out.

How it will work is currently a work in progress. The app has not yet been built and the experience is still TBD! Since food allergy management is a quite a big issue to tackle, we are taking care in building out the right concept before we start developing an app!

How we engage the Restaurant industry is also still to be determined. We are first and foremost dedicated to achieving our goal of increased confidence for consumers with food allergies when dining out.

Who is behind Accommodine and why are they doing it? Kaitlin, the Founder of Accommodine was diagnosed with an anaphylactic food allergy to soy as a young adult.

Kaitlin developed a passion for restaurant food, and for food allergy management, after she started blogging about it with a friend. You can read more about Kaitlin in her open letter here.

The idea for Accommodine was born when Kaitlin joined an entrepreneurship program at the University of Toronto in summer 2018, and she is still pursuing it today.

How can I support this project?

Kaitlin would love for you to stay on the journey with her as she works to prove out her idea for Accommodine. To stay updated, you can sign up for email updates and follow Accommodine on Facebook!

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in getting involved, please send an email to

Kaitlin Colvin