ACcommodine is a venture and blog focused on simplifying food allergies & dietary needs for the world.


Kaitlin’s Story

Hello! My Name is Kaitlin. I was diagnosed with multiple severe food allergies two years ago.

Since my diagnosis, I have dined at over 40 restaurants and hotels confidently. My experiences inspired me to start a venture focused on special diets & nutrition.

I want to share the insights gained through this website/ blog and create a community of people who are as passionate as I am about inclusive dining for special diets.


My allergy venture

The mission of my venture Accommodine is to simplify special diets and food allergies for the world.

The business, and the solution are currently in development under the support of Wilfrid Laurier University’s startup accelerator.

I originally founded my venture Accommodine in The Next 36 (2018 cohort), a Canadian young founder program.